Welcome to your Remote Recommissioning (RcX) Portal
This project has been created to assist building owners and managers nationwide in their recommissioning efforts through a
communications process that is as paperless and travel/fuel-use free as possible. NFS provides Remote RcX by:

Remote online review via Skype Video Teleconferencing - NFS helps identify problems and assists with adjustments and remedies live on line.
Drop Box file sharing is available to transfer large files, pdfs of building blueprints and drawings.
Online document sharing and archiving, account and password protected, via Google Docs. 
Energy Star Portfolio Manager link for ease of review and data entry
 • Ease of remittance via Paypal.

Setup and Orientation - Click Here

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Prequalify for Remote RcX
(or send in via e-mail 2-3 years gas and electric bills, your building type and square footage, and if known your Energy Star score)

Enter data for your building and from utilities
invoices and Track your Energy Use Progress

Collaborative documents via shared permissions.

Alert an NFS representative
by text to cell. 
Short note (70 letters or less):

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Remote RcX Calendar sign up.

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- Pay your invoice via Paypal

Take an NFS Representative with you on your systems assessment with your video enables Smartphone: Start Live Video Teleconference via Skype
Start Skype Teleconference with NFS

To upload photos, building diagrams, documents, spreadsheets, utility bills to NFS select multplie files then Submit